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Earn & Save Info

Earn & Save Info

For all of the years I have been online, I have managed to earn about $2000 annually solely from doing surveys, rebates and refund. Then I discovered that you could shop and earn a cashback refund for shopping through certain shopping portals. Fast forward to 2011 and there are now many sites that offer deep discounts on all sorts of products and services.Ultimately, I am saving untold thousands annually from all the above plus my couponing efforts. The good news is this….


If you will mouseover the “Earn & Save Info” tab on the navbar, a drop down menu will appear. You’ll discover other pages I have put together by topic that will reveal a large number of ways you can shop or earn & save.

I suggest that you do a few things to be successful at making all of these sites work best for you.

1. Set up email accounts for each category of interest. Example: or etc.

2. Use a password keeper. Each email account and each site you join will have a new password. Be prepared to save them so that they will pop up when you log into a site.

3. Bookmark all of the new email accounts as well as all the new sites you join. While you are at it, make a new bookmark folder for each category so that they are easily found and accessed again.

4. My best advise is to go slow, be organized as you go. Take one site at a time and learn it inside out. Read their faq. Add their email address to your address book on the email account you used to sign up on that site.

You are now posed to start earning and saving massive amounts of money. The only other thing I can say so that you don’t go off course is ask yourself before you make a purchase, “Is it a want or is it a need?”.

Ready? Set? Goooo! Earn & Save!

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