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Coupon Printing Hints, Tips & Tools

Coupon Printer Software Required:

Couponing sites like,, and others require that you download and install their software to be able to print coupons. You will be asked to do this once if you have never printed coupons before or when you get a new computer. It is simple for those of us that know our way around the computer but often it can be a royal pain. I suggest that you do the following…

  1. Do some housekeeping -  cookie, cache, history cleanup. Defrag your system and reboot. If you don’t know how to do these things, I suggest that you go to to search for how-to videos.
  2. Back up all important files, documents, pictures. This is something I find most of us fail to do. Now is as good of time as any. Always better safe than sorry!
  3. Make sure you have the latest version of your browser, Java, Adobe , etc. (All FREE!)
  4. DISCLAIMER: I am not a computer technician and know what I know by years of experience. I cannot take responsibility for problem you may or may not incur. There are too may computers, operating systems, programs, settings, etc for me to ever be able to do more than make suggestions.

Okay, so you have your clean up/back up done. You are ready to install coupon printing software.

  • When you see the “Install Printer” button, don’t freak out. It is normal.
  • When you download the printer, I suggest that you create a folder for it where you want in your hard drive directory so you can name a new file for it and find it again if I need it.
  • Once it is downloaded, installed, executed you should reboot your computer.

You are now ready to print. IF you have problems and they won’t print try these things…

  • Check your cookie settings – they may be too low.
  • Check your spyware setting – they may have the printer blocked automatically.
  • Try a different browser or check your browser settings.
  • Check to see if you have any other software that you must give permissions so that your coupons print.
  • At this point, if you still have problems you’ll have to find info somewhere else. This is all I can think of to try and help you. I will tell you if you didn’t reboot after installing, it probably won’t work.
Trouble Shooting Guides

Printing Bricks Coupons:

What is a “bricks” coupon? It is a coupon dubbed “bricks” because that is part of the URL ie, xxx ect. Getting these to print is sometimes impossible because of how they are coded in the URL. You can tweak the URL and change a couple of letters and that will usually solve the problem. You can also sometimes change browsers and get them to print.


Internet Explorer (IE): wi or vi
Firefox (FF): wg or vg or xg
Safari: vi or xs

Printing Coupons On The Cheap:

1) Print on Draft Mode. Check your printer setting  or your manual and set your printer for “draft mode”. This mode uses less ink but still does a nice job and the scanners at my store read them just fine. If you print in color all the time, change the settings to black only as well.

2) Reuse paper. Inevitably there are always loads of things that print out an extra sheet with just the URL on the bottom or some rogue thing that is useless. Don’t toss those pages, reuse them even if you have to turn them over. I use lots of the excess from trimming to make notes. I either clamp or staple stacks of 10 or so together and put near the phone, in the kitchen for jotting down grocery lists, in my purse etc. You know, BE FRUGAL!

3) Stock up on printer paper. You don’t need to pay full price for paper. Staples and Office Max are known for having some great promotions for nearly free or FREE paper. When you find those deals, stock up to save.

4) Print more than 1 coupon per page. When printing coupons from,,, or – be aware that these 4 sites always print 3 coupons per page.  So print in 3′s and don’t waste that paper. You can surely use what you print or you could trade it with a friend or leave it on the shelf Coupon Fairy style.

5) Can your printer ink cartridge be refilled? If you can verify that your printer ink cartridges are refillable, you will save generally 50% of your current cost to print.  Walgreens, Staples, Office Max, or other office supply stores have refill options. You can also purchase via the following sites at a deep discount: - Printer Ink, Toner, & More!

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