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Coupon Lingo Glossary

This list contains the majority of the acronyms you will find on not just but many of the other blogs or message boards and forums on the Internet. These acronyms cover couponing, rebates, refunds and a few other categories in the frugal world.

Let me know if you find others to add to this list.

Sunday Newspaper Insert Abbreviations:

GM = General Mills
K = Kellogg’s
PG = Procter and Gamble
RP = Red Plum
SS = SmartSource
V = Valassis
The dates for all of these inserts are in super tiny print on the spine of the insert.

The Abbreviations:

AC = After Coupon
AR = After Rebate
B1G1 = Buy One Get One Free
B&M = Brick & Mortor store/not Internet store
BOGO = Buy One Get One Free
Blinkie = Coupon that is spit from small dispenser on shelf.
BOLO = Be On the Lookout
BOOKLET = Coupon pamphlet mailed directly from Mfg.
BTFE = Box Tops for Education
C/D = Complete Deal
C/O = Cents Off Coupon
CLFE = Campbell’s Labels for Education
CNP = Coupon Near Product (ie – Blinkies)
CRT = Cash Register Tape
CATALINA = Coupons printed @ register.
DOUBLE COUPON = Coupon that the store matches to double the value to the customer.
DCRT = Dated Cash Register Tape
DCRTC = Dated Cash Register Tape w/price circled
DEAD = An offer is no longer valid
DND = Do Not Double
ENVIE = Envelope
EX or X. = expires on
FAR = Free After Rebate
FC = first class postage stamps
FILLER = Item purchased to reach a minimum purchase amount necessary to get a “deal”.
GDA = Good Deal Alert
HANG TAG/HT/HgT = Coupon that is hung over the neck of a bottle.
HBA = Health and beauty aid
HDA = Hot Deal Alert
IP = Internet Printable
IVC = Instant Value Coupon
INSERT = Sunday newspaper coupon bundles in w/fliers.
LFE = Campbell’s Labels for Education
LSASE = Long self-addressed stamped envelope
LP = List Price of an item
MC = Manufacturer’s coupon
MFG = Manufacturer
MFR = Manufacturer
MIR = Mail In Rebate
MRP = manufacturer’s retail price
MQ = Manufacturer’s coupon
NB = National Brand
NAZ# = Name, address, zip code, phone number
NED = No Expiration Date
NBPN = No Beer Purchase Necessary
NWPN = No wine purchase necessary
OAS = a coupon that is good on any size
OOP = Out of Pocket
OOS = Out of Stock
OSI = On a single item
OYNO = On your next order
OVERAGE or Ovg. = Profit
PEELIE = Peel off coupon from a package
POP = Proof of Purchase
PP = purchase price
PPHF = Paypal handling fee
Q or Qs = Coupon or Coupons
Q or QUALIFIER = The POP required for a refund offer that is physically taken from that package
RC = Raincheck
SASE = Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
SD = Store Display
SF = Store form
SMP = Specially Marked Packages
STACKING: Using both a store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon on one item.
TEARPAD = A pad of coupons or MIR near a product or on display
TMF = Try Me Free – Full price rebate on item purchased.
TRAIN = a coupon train. Coupons are passed along to a number of different people who are “on the train” where they take coupons they need and place in other coupons they don’t need to save money for all
TRIPLE COUPONS = a coupon that a grocery store triples in value
UPC = Universal Product Code
WINE TAG = coupon, usually for $ off any meat, cheese or produce
WPN = Wine purchase necessary
WSL = While Supplies Last
WQL = While Quantities Last
WYB = When you Buy
YMMV = Your mileage may vary, different at different

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