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by Ginger on August 14, 2011

HuntsvilleBargains ... your one stop shop for deals & discounts

Do you live in North Alabama? If so, head on over to Yours truly owns & runs it. I have been putting it together and populating it with all sorts of things. I am closing in on having it about as complete as any blog can be. They are black holes and work goes on constantly behind the scenes. is using a different blog template. This one is called Clipper because you can add individual deals “coupon style” to the main page. It still has a blog but it doesn’t appear on the main page. There is also a page where all the stores are listed in alphabetical order. So far, I have about 100 of the stores I am an affiliate for listed. There are probably another 150 or so more to add to it.

I would love for you to follow along on the new blog to shop or find shopping coupons, restaurant coupons etc. Some of them I post here already and if they are usable in North Alabama I definitely post on Huntsville Bargains. The new site also has a classified ads and events pages set up for anything in the North Alabama area. You may post there your item for sale or your North Alabama event.

The goal with the new site it so be able to focus down to the regional/county/city level. I will be offering advertising at DEEP discounts over what you will find in the area. I want to provide a hub for local small businesses to get higher quality advertising at lower, more affordable prices. I can beat the local newspaper all to pieces since they are pricing themselves out of selling any ads. I can beat any of the local magazines for ads as well.

I would love for you to drop by the new site and check it out. Sign up for Daily Emails, RSS feed, Facebook or Twitter. If you know anyone in this area, please share the site with them.

Also visit my sister sites:

These two sites are owned by my best friend, Becky Ford. She is doing the same thing I am only for 2 cities in Louisiana.

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